My 5-yr old daughter wanted to read a story to me last night. She opened her Bible, put it in her lap, and read me this:

“Abraham Lincoln was a very good artist. He went to college, and then went back home to his family. But no one in his family like his drawings. So he decided to make a new friend. But his friend was blind! Abraham Lincoln drew the eyes on his friend, but the robot still didn’t work. The robot was a statue.

“So Abraham Lincoln got a piece of paper and made batteries. Then he used another piece of paper to make a robot. But it was blind, too, until Abraham Lincoln drew its eyes. Then, the robot ran away. But Abraham Lincoln caught up to it because he was super fast. He had Dragon Speed, like Emma.”

Here, Emma looked amazed. She said, “Hey! My name is in this story! They must have known about me and my Dragon Speed. I think we have met before. We must have met online.”

Sometimes it seems that kids get their creativity from their parents, but I wonder how much creativity adults can get from their kids. I hope you enjoyed Emma’s story as much as I did. 🙂