I’ve still been keeping up with daily writing, although I feel like I’m starting to lose momentum. I have learned a lot from this process though, and greatly appreciate those of you who have read and commented on my stories the last two weeks!

Today, you get a prosem in the style of Kary Gaul, who is also doing the daily prompts on Google+.

image by daviniodus on Flickr

The children played baseball in the hot evening
Their shouts filled the thick summer air
The mother watched from inside
Smiling to herself
She might have joined in if she could
But instead let the sound
Wash over her

The window was open to let the air in
The mother called out,
“It’s getting dark.”

An ancient phrase
Full of meaning
Full of foreboding
It’s getting dark
The monsters are coming
Come inside

But the children didn’t hear
the warning

The window was open to let the screams in
when the monsters arrived
in a swarm

The mother was out the door
before she knew she was running

but no amount of flailing could frighten
the killer bees