This one comes from a friend, who wrote this to me after I shared some feelings about feeling like a failure on my 35th birthday (which came and went last month). I appreciate her wisdom in writing this, and have decided that “Nothing is closing” is going to become one of my tattoos — along with “Trust the Process” and the pi symbol.

Don’t panic. Age is just a number. You have a whole year to be 35. You have a whole 5 years before you’re 40. Then another half a lifetime and most likely more to do the things on your todo list before you even sit your butt down in a grammy-gaming rocking chair (I assume you will have a grammy-gaming rocking chair for playing Playstation 16 games on) in front of a bookshelf of ALL the freaking books you’ve written and challenge your grandbabies to a game they will certainly lose because of your mad skillz. Please remember to trash-talk them, for me. 

The Germans have a word for this feeling…torschluspanic (which I am not spelling correctly). The word literally means “gate closing panic” it’s the feeling we get when we think our opportunities are diminishing with age, or that we haven’t achieved our goals. Nothing is closing. Birthdays make some of us weird and introspective and then the self-judgement starts flying. This is why I dislike birthdays. 

Instead of berating yourself. Add up all the things in the plus column. I have seen a lot of things in your life this year that are movements forward, onward, upward, coolward, whateverward to greatness. We all get weird about stuff. We’re all weirdos. Happy almost birthday, birthday twin!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? And do you get weird about birthdays?